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Vanguard Online Academy is an online high school officially accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education, Canada, offering Grade 9 to Grade 12 courses for students worldwide.

Online Learning.

The school combines leading network learning platform to provide students from around the world with formal Canadian high school online learning. Through it, students can also receive Canadian high school education and obtain a diploma wherever they are. At the same time, when applying for a university, students could gain a greater advantage.

Who are suitable for online courses?

International school students who want to take a Canadian course

Students who want to get dual education in both Canada and the other country

High school students in Canada

High school students preparing to study in Canada

Students who wish to have a flexible education model

Students who want to improve their English

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy books and study materials for online courses?

No. All the study materials and practices would be uploaded to  students' personal online accounts which enables to study anytime. Students don't need to spend extra money on buying books.

Can online high school diplomas be used for applying universities in Canada or America?

Of course. Students earn credits at online school and can apply to all universities in North America. In addition, English teaching in advance will benefit students a lot.

What is the difference between the credits of online high school and the result of full-time high school?

There is no difference. Students can obtain a graduation certificate issued by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

How long will it take to receive a credit?

Usually each semester lasts 12 weeks. Students need to log in to online course at least once a week to complete the progress of the week. Meanwhile, the timing of online courses is more flexible.

If I am a full-time high school student in other countries like China, can I attend school courses and complete online high school courses at the same time?

Of course. Students can use their spare time, weekends, winter or summer vacations to select and study courses. Online courses have no time limitation as long as students can have a computer and network to complete courses.

What should I do if I have any questions after starting the online course?

After applying for a course, student will get a personal account on the online platform. In addition to the learning materials in the account, there is also a platform for communicating with teacher and classmates to discuss problems in learning and exchange of their own learning methods.


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